It’s the Mayhem FundRAGER!

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention lately (hey it happens) we’re in the middle of fundraising for CHRY 105.5 FM. Tonight marks the second and final episode of the 2014 fundraising campaign for Mayhem. I can’t think of a better way to leave this year’s fund drive than with mucho monetary love. However, this can only happen through the support of listeners like you. There is no donation too small (or too big…) because every little bit helps keep CHRY 105.5 FM on the air, and helps allow CHRY the ability to bring you the content it does (like an hour long punk rock radio show) on the FM dial. So please support, even if it’s simply by spreading the word of this fund drive. Listen live to tonight’s show 8-9 pm on CHRY 105.5 FM, online, or on your TV (Rogers 945/Bell Fibe 973) and call 416-736-5656 to donate. You can also donate online by following this link:  Fat Wreck Chords CD gift packs to come with donations of $20 or more!


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Wednesday: Less Than Mayhem 2 (The Lesser Sequel)


Good news everyone! Less Than Jake is coming to town very soon. In fact they’ll be here in 10 days as of tomorrow, and what better way to start your 10 day countdown than to hear from Chris DeMakes! Chris from Less Than Jake will be calling in to talk about their current tour and maybe some other stuff… We’ll see… I can’t make any promises. Listen live from 8pm EST to CHRY 105.5 FM. I’ll also be spinning some new Rancid and lots of other ear goodies for you to enjoy. Remember you can also tune in online, on TV (Rogers 945/Bell Fibe 973), or wait for me to get my ass around to uploading the show here (you can also click to listen to past episodes… It’s like Back to the Future but better!)

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Dirty Caddies


Good news, everyone! It’s currently Tuesday o’clock which means that tomorrow is Wednesday. Wednesday is a lot of things…”Hump Day,” a day in the middle of the week but at the end of the alphabet, the day my garbage gets picked up…but mostly it’s the day you get to hear Mayhem live on the radio! This week’s show is going to feature two interviews for the price of one. Who are we hearing from this week? Well if you couldn’t figure it out from the cryptic title of this post we’re hearing from both The Dirty Nil and Mad Caddies. It may seem like a lot to cram into one show (it is) but we’re doing it anyway! Listen live from 8-9 pm EST to CHRY 105.5 FM, catch it online, on TV (Rogers 945/Bell Fibe 973), or listen later.  Smell ya later.

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Cory Koi Tomorr-oi!


Labour day may have come and gone and you MIGHT be thinking that summer is done, but I have news for you kids; summer ends September 22nd. That means festival season is not quite over! So in celebration of both summer and festival season not being over I’m interviewing Cory, the founder of Kitchener’s KOI Fest, on tomorrow’s Mayhem. Listen live from 8-9pm on CHRY 105.5 FM, online, on TV (Rogers 945 or Bell Fibe 973) OR wait for the podcast.

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Just Mayhem.

Tonight is back to basics my friends. And by basics I mean tonight there is no interview segment. The good news is that means there’s more time for chunes! So I’ll be playing a full hour of music interspersed with me giving my two cents about various things. I’ve got some new stuff from The Dirty Nil planned and even some old, rare, Blink-182. Yup, Blink 182. Listen live from 8-9pm: CHRY 105.5 FM, online, TV (Rogers 945/Bell Fibe 973), or wait…just wait… wait for the podcast.

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Recycling is good!

Every now and then at MAYHEM there comes a time when we have to do some recycling. So tonight we’ll be recycling an interview from last year featuring John from Swingin’ Utters. It’s a good one and it took place on the patio of the Horseshoe Tavern which makes it even sweeter right? I think so. Not everything is recycled tonight though! I’ll also be playing you some new stuff from The Muffs, and some bands that have never been heard on the show before. Listen live from 8-9pm EST on CHRY 105.5 FM, online, TV (Rogers 945/Bell Fibe 973), or stream it here later.

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Getting to Know The Victim Party…


…is the latest release from The Victim Party. However, not only that but here we are 3 months later and tonight on MAYHEM we’re going to get to know The Victim Party some more! This past May at Pouzza Fest I had the privilege of interviewing The Victim Party for a second time. Well, actually I had Tabi Irani of The Victim Party interview her own band. What better way to get to know The Victim Party, right? We got some insight into their new graphic novel album, rap verses were spat, we discussed hand modeling, and more. Good times were had by all!

Tonight I’ll also be sharing some new music from New Orleans’ PEARS, playing some Sloan (what? Sloan?!), and blasting some Unseen (among other things). So tune in live from 8-9pm to CHRY 105.5 FM in Toronto, online, TV (Rogers 945/Bell FIbe 973), or stream it later.

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