Real McKenzies. Real Strike. Real Mayhem.


Tonight on the Mayhem Radio Broadcast I will be bringing you a live interview with Paul McKenzie of The Real McKenzies! We’ll be talking about their new release “Rats in the Burlap,” their upcoming tour, and more. This is the first time The Real McKenzies have appeared on Mayhem so I am extremely stoked.

However, I would like to mention there is something I’m not overly stoked about. In order to bring you tonight’s show I am going to have to cross a picket line. This is not something I like to do. CUPE 3903 which represents contract faculty and teaching assistants at York University is on strike. CHRY 105.5 FM stands in solidarity with the workers on the picket line which is why I will be doing my broadcast tonight despite the radio station being located on the other side of the picket line. Furthermore, we are an organization that is independent of the university itself. For more information on why this strike is going on you can click here. As a former York University student who was a student the last time a strike occurred I myself stand with the workers on the picket line.

Now that that’s covered, listen to Mayhem tonight from 8-9pm EST on CHRY 105.5 FM, online, TV (Rogers 945/Bell Fibe 973), or stream it later.


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