Mayhem on CHRY” is a weekly hour long radio program on CHRY 105.5 FM York Community Radio that plays Punk Rock, Ska, Hardcore, Psychobilly and beyond. The show airs every Wednesday from 8pm to 9pm EST. It was hosted by Steve (Heretik) Bodner and Iza Sokolowska from September 2009 to September 2011. Since October 2011 the show has been hosted by Steve alone with Iza making the occasional appearance.

“Mayhem” was developed by two York University students who felt that the punk rock community in Toronto and beyond was not being represented on CHRY’s program grid. Thus on September 21, 2009 “Monday Mayhem” had its first official broadcast. “Monday” was dropped from the program’s title in September 2011 as scheduling conflicts forced the show to switch time slots from Monday’s at 1pm to Wednesdays at 8pm.

For the past 2+ years “Mayhem” has put a strong emphasis on supporting Canadian bands and has had the¬†privilege of interviewing groups such as: Delinquints, Skullians, Class War Kids, Class Assassins, The Dreadnoughts, The Brains, The Deficits, Ghetto Blaster and more! Of course “Mayhem” doesn’t only focus on Canadian acts, Steve and Iza have also had the privilege of interviewing: The Koffin Kats, Joe Queer of The Queers, and The Black Pacific.

“Mayhem on CHRY” is always looking for new bands and new tunes to play so drop Steve an e-mail at untilwedie@gmail.com with your name, your bands name and an MP3, and it will probably make its way to the airwaves!

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