Slim Mayhem

No the show isn’t on a diet, nor is it actually skim, but tonight on the show Slim Cessna of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club will be calling in to Mayhem. He’s coming to town May 21 with his band so in preparation for that we’ll be talking on the phone tonight. They have a new-ish physical release coming out next month, “SCAC 102: An Introduction For Young And Old Europe,” which I’ll be playing a bit of too. Other than that, I’ve got some Hostage Life, Anti-Flag, Positive Junk and more in tonight’s line up of tuneage for your ear holes’ pleasure.

Listen live 8-9pm EST to CHRY 105.5 FM, online, Rogers 945/Bell Fibe 973, or click here for a totally unrelated show.

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Beers, Kilts, Politics…

Me n Paul McKenzie

A couple of weeks ago I caught up with Paul McKenzie of The Real McKenzies at their show in Toronto. This week on the Mayhem Radio Broadcast I’ll be airing that interview. It was a somewhat combined effort with Jay from Within Punk Zine so I had to condense a 20 minute interview into 10. To get more you’ll have to check out the next issue of the zine coming out later this week. In the mean time though catch Paul talking about politics, touring, scotch, and kilts this Wednesday on Mayhem! I’ll also be playing some new stuff from The Flaming Tsunamis which I’m pretty excited about…

Listen live from 8-9 pm EST to CHRY 105.5 FM, online, Rogers 945/Bell Fibe 973, or skip the whole thing and listen to old episodes here.

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Pouzza is upon us…


That’s right! The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer-ish, and we are getting closer and closer to the greatest season of them all…festival season! Pouzza Fest is only a month and a half away (holy crap, right?), and because of that Hugo Mudie of Pouzza Fest will be calling in to the Mayhem Radio Broadcast to talk about this year’s festival. I’ll also be spinning tracks from bands playing (and not playing) at Pouzza this year. Bands like The Muffs, Teenage Bottlerocket, East End Radicals, and loads more.

Listen live from 8 to 9pm EST Wednesday on CHRY 105.5 FM to catch it all. You can also stream the show live online, on TV (Rogers 945/Bell Fibe 973), or wait for my lazy ass to post it here.

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This bottlerocket runs on the teenaged…



(Photo Credit: Melanie Kaye)

Well not really, it’s just a Teenage Bottlerocket. On tomorrow’s Mayhem Radio Broadcast I’m going to be making things up to you. Last week you may have noticed I promised an interview with Miguel from Teenage Bottlerocket…and didn’t deliver. It turns out Miguel ended up partaking in a yoga class and forgot to call! I told ya things get crazy when you’re on the road. So to make up for that I had a chance to sit down with Ray this past Saturday before their set to talk about the new album, touring, Rubik’s cubes, Wyoming, and more. This is the fourth time I’ve had the chance to chat with Ray and it gets better and better each time.

Also on tomorrow’s show I’m going to be giving you a set of tunes that takes me back to being 15 years old. Which bands will I be playing? I’ll give you a hint: they rhyme with creepin mix, shockshouts, and monotones. Who could it be?

So listen live from 8-9pm EST and catch it all like measles. Tune in to CHRY 105.5 FM, online, on TV (until you can choose not to have the channels anymore… Rogers 945 or Bell Fibe 973) or wait for it to show up online in podcast form.

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Punchline 13 Tomorrow!


Hey hey, kids * insert Krusty laugh*! Tomorrow on the Mayhem Radio Broadcast I have not one but two of the members of Punchline 13 calling in. It’s going to be a Mayhem conference call and we are going to take care of business. We’re going to talk about the bands latest release, “Cut the Rope,” as well as other things they have on the go right now. I’ll also be dedicating the last quartre of the show tomorrow to a belated celebration of International Women’s Day which occurred this past Sunday.

So listen live from 8-9 EST to CHRY 105.5 FM, online, on TV (Rogers 945/Bell Fibe 973…Does anyone still have cable?), or stream it later…

Also, as I mentioned last week the strike at York University is ongoing. We at CHRY 105.5 FM cannot shut down our broadcast as we would risk losing our broadcasting license. However, we do stand in solidarity with the CUPE 3903 members on strike.


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Real McKenzies. Real Strike. Real Mayhem.


Tonight on the Mayhem Radio Broadcast I will be bringing you a live interview with Paul McKenzie of The Real McKenzies! We’ll be talking about their new release “Rats in the Burlap,” their upcoming tour, and more. This is the first time The Real McKenzies have appeared on Mayhem so I am extremely stoked.

However, I would like to mention there is something I’m not overly stoked about. In order to bring you tonight’s show I am going to have to cross a picket line. This is not something I like to do. CUPE 3903 which represents contract faculty and teaching assistants at York University is on strike. CHRY 105.5 FM stands in solidarity with the workers on the picket line which is why I will be doing my broadcast tonight despite the radio station being located on the other side of the picket line. Furthermore, we are an organization that is independent of the university itself. For more information on why this strike is going on you can click here. As a former York University student who was a student the last time a strike occurred I myself stand with the workers on the picket line.

Now that that’s covered, listen to Mayhem tonight from 8-9pm EST on CHRY 105.5 FM, online, TV (Rogers 945/Bell Fibe 973), or stream it later.


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Skullian Mayhem


…And I’m not talking about the gang from Police Academy. I’m talking about the band, from Toronto, who is turning 10 this year! My old pals, Skullians, are going to be stopping by Mayhem tomorrow to talk about their upcoming 10 year anniversary show, the history of the band, and more. There will no doubt be inappropriate jokes and Simpsons references abound. I would not have it any other way. Catch it live Wednesday night at 8pm EST on CHRY 105.5 FM. You can also tune in online, on TV (Rogers 945/Bell Fibe 973), or wait until it gets uploaded here (but we all know that can take awhile!)

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